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AER NL 1 - March 13 (English)



Lausanne (SUI), Wednesday 13 Mars 2013 Dear Friends, The FIG AER-TC wish to notify our Member Federations of the following amendments and clarifications of the Code if Points decided at its meeting in Lausanne, February 2013.

World Games 2013: Cali (COL)

Provisional Program

July 30 (Tues) : Arrival overseas
July 31 (Wed) : Arrival PAGU Continent
August 1 (Thu) : Training / Orientation Meeting / Judges’ Instruction
August 2-3 (Fri / Sat) : Qualifications / Finals
August 4 (Sun) : Departure

Code of Points Clarifications (Edition February 2013):

Following up the remarks and comments received during the Intercontinental judges course in Prague (CZE), the FIG AER TC has reviewed the following and made some amendments.  

All updated documents will be posted on the FIG Website by the 3rd week of March 2013. 

A. Code of Points:
• 1.10 PODIUM AND COMPETITION FLOOR C.SEATING / Judges’ panel position (p. 12): clarification of the position of the judges   • 4.2. FUNCTIONS AND CRITERIA OF THE SUPERIOR JURY (p. 17-19) 4.2.1. SUPERIOR JURY 4.2.2 JUDGES PANEL  CHAPTER

- ACROBATIC ELEMENTS (p. 31): Any Acrobatic Elements performed using elbow(s) will receive 0.5 point deduction by the Execution Judges for unacceptable execution. 

Cartwheel (A1) will be considered as an acrobatic element if it is performed from foot/feet to foot/feet.  Used as a transition, it will NOT be counted as an Acrobatic Elements 

Salto (A-7) (backward, forward, sideward) must be performed with 360° without twist. 

Salto (P-5) less or more than 360°, with or without twist, is considered as a prohibited move.  Therefore, backward Salto landing in a PU position will be considered as Prohibited move (P-5). 

A video of transitions, acrobatic elements and prohibited will be posted on the FIG COP web site with a document for clarification.

  B. Appendix 2 & 3: TC reviewed and corrected some descriptions and shorthands and added some general and specific errors. 

The table of Difficulty elements has been updated and will be posted HERE

Butterfly Jump 
Minimum requirement : Body must be in horizontal position and not exceed 45º above the horizontal line. 
The Butterfly shorthand had been replaced by  “ B “ 

C. Appendix 5:
The National Development (ND), AG1 and AG2 program have been clarified regarding the compulsory elements and Acrobatic elements.
ND: only Acrobatic Elements from A1 to A3 are allowed
AG1: only Acrobatic Elements from A1 to A6 are allowed 

-Compulsory element for AG2 : Helicopter to Split
Helicopter to sagittal Split.  
The Helicopter landing to frontal Split will be not counted as a compulsory element and will receive a deduction for “ missing compulsory” 

- Compulsory elements with combination
Compulsory elements MUST perform WITHOUT combination. 
If the compulsory element is performed in combination, it will receive a value but will not receive additional 0.1 point for combination.  In addition, 1.0 point deduction will be applied for missing compulsory. 

- Difficulty Score and Deduction
Difficulty Scores and Difficulty deductions will be divided by 2 for all routines (male / female / mixed). 

D. Appendix 6 & 7:
- Aerobic Dance (App. 6)
Difficulty Score and Difficulty Deductions will be divided by 2 for all routines (male / female / mixed).
Acrobatic Elements performed at the same time If a different combination is performed at the same time, it will be counted as 1 set. If the same or different combination(s) is/are performed consecutively, it will be counted as 2 or more. 

- Aerobic Dance and Aerobic Step
Deductions in Execution for Choreography and Chair of Judges’ Panel have been added as it is in COP  

E. Appendix 8: Creation of a new appendix common for all FIG disciplines 
A. Rules for the duties of the Superior Jury and Supervisors at FIG Competitions, Jury of Appeal and Competitions’ Supervisory Board
B. Rules for Reference Judges˜
C. Rules for the use of IRCOS (Instant Replay and Control System) 

F. 400 Questions: questions have been reviewed and corrected according to the COP.


 FIG Aerobic Gymnastics TC has approved following New Element 2013, included in the new version of the COP
AER NL 1 - March 13 (English)