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Letter Nr 06 - May 2020 (english)

Video TC Meeting, April 2020

To: All Member Federations
The FIG AER-TC wishes to notify our Member Federations of the following information.

All the FIG AER-TC members are very concerned with the pandemic situation of the world with COVID-19. We are all hoping that Aerobic Family and their loved ones are doing well as we are all doing well.  Please find video message from us: 
Due to this situation, AER-TC decided to hold a video TC-meeting in April, and we would like to share some information.

< WCH & WAGC >

The FIG Executive Committee have decided to postpone the WCH & WAGC 2020 (Baku, AZE) to next year.  The new dates are: WAGC: 21-23 May 2021 and WCH: 27-29 May 2021 
We thank the LOC for not cancelling but to postpone the event.
  • As in all FIG disciplines, the CoP 2017-2020 will be valid until December 31, 2021.
This means that all the rules will stay same as this year for the next WCH & WAGC as well as all the competitions including the WCup in 2021.
A proposal will be submitted to the FIG Executive Committee for 2021
  • The ages for 2021 will be as mentioned in the FIG Technical Regulations.
This means:
Senior: born in 2003 and before
Age 1: born in 2007 - 2009
Age 2: born in 2004 - 2006
  • The entry registration will be new again, information will be given in the updated directives, soon to be published.
  • Starting order of the nation will be drawn again after the definitive registration.
  • Judges drawn for the Superior-Art, CJP and Difficulty will remain as they are.

< Other Information >

  • The new CoP (2022-2024) will not be published yet in order to avoid the confusion.  The new CoP will be valid from January 1st, 2022.
  • Our Athletes’ Representative, Dora Hegyi is uploading some exercise videos which you can do at home.  We will try to provide more exercise videos in the near future. 

Basic Physical Preparation

Basic Physical Preparation 2

Core Training

Support Training

Jump Training 1

Jump Training 1

aer_nsl_6_may_2020_e.pdf AER NSL 6 May 2020-e.pdf  (212.05 KB)