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Letter Nr 03 - March 2018 (english)

Lausanne (SUI) March, 2018

To: All Member Federations
The FIG AER-TC after the analysis of the competitions of the year, wish to notify our Member Federations of the following information.

Judges, coaches and gymnasts education:

The FIG AER TC is working very hard, in order to help coaches, gymnasts and judges, in continuous education .
Execution:  If there are multiple errors, deduction will apply as follows (max. -0.5 per element);
            Example; Wenson shape -0.3 + Bent leg -0.1 = Total deduction of -0.3
                            Wenson shape -0.3 + Touch -0.3 = Total deduction of -0.5

EXECUTION - Examples of general errors

EXECUTION - Examples of specific errors

EXECUTION - Examples of full routines

  • Individual Men          - LINK =>
  • Individual Women    - LINK =>
  • Mixed Pair                 - LINK =>
  • Trio                            - LINK =>
  • Group                       - LINK =>
  • Aerodance               - LINK =>
  • Aerostep                  - LINK =>

DIFFICULTY - Examples of full routines

  • Individual Men          - LINK =>
  • Individual Women    - LINK =>
  • Mixed Pair                 - LINK =>
  • Trio                            - LINK =>
  • Group                       - LINK =>
  • Description of elements. Elements have been updated in the Interactive COP for the website , and now still in progress to add new drawing descriptions of the elements and methodology, as below example:

ARTISTIC - Examples of full routines

  • Individual Men          - LINK =>
  • Individual Women    - LINK =>
  • Mixed Pair                 - LINK =>
  • Trio                            - LINK =>
  • Group                       - LINK =>
  • Aerobic Dance         - LINK =>
  • Aerobic Step             - LINK =>

ARTISTIC - Clarification of the movements from General Content

TC would like to remind that, in order to receive a G+, the movement(s) from the General Content has to be complex and give artistic advantage (App. 1 pg 18/27).
Therefore these movements must be well connected, showing fluency, having a high level of execution, being meaningful and enhance the routine, with the following characteristics:
  • Complexity
  • Variety
  • Fluidity
  • Creativity / uniqueness
  • Dynamism
  • Unpredictability
  • Agility

These kinds of movements require coordination and physical capacity training.
Just performing one Acro element or Acro element + choreography jump, will not receive G+ automatically.
By adding movements consecutively (for example, cartwheel + roll + capoeira) does not receive G+ automatically either.
For collaborations and physical interactions, (MP, TR, GR, AD, AS) will apply the same principles

Examples of G+ in TRANSITIONS

Examples of G+ in Collaborations & Partnership

Examples of NO G+

Aerobic Step shorthand – Reminder
Each letter is for 8-counts or a Set of Block
Shorthand When
S+  or  S All members are stepping
A Choreography is mainly done on the surface
G+  or  G Transitions / Links, Collaboration or Lift (if included)
F+  or  F The steps are lifted to change formation
(Evaluated under General Content; F+ = G+ and Space)

ARTISTIC - Combination of 2 Acrobatic Elements – Clarification

Acrobatic Elements of A-1 to A-7 may only be used 2 times in a whole routine without combination (COP pg.28/29). Even the cartwheel is considered as an acrobatic element when is performed from standing to standing, it will be considered as a combination of 2 acrobatic elements when the gymnast is performing the cartwheel, regardless of the starting position + another acrobatic element as in not in the direction with the Aerobic Gymnastics discipline. Therefore a deduction will be applied by CJP (-0.5).

- Example 1
- Example 2

EXECUTION - Clarification

Combinations of elements may receive a 0.1 deduction for lack of fluidity in the connection between each element.

DIFFICULTY - Clarification

All helicopters with half turn, minimum requirement: the ending position must be facing in the opposite direction as the starting position.

When Illusion is performed with a deduction of 0.1 in execution for incomplete rotation, the element will receive the difficulty value provided the minimum requirements are met. When Illusion is performed with a deduction of 0.3 in execution for incomplete rotation, the element will NOT receive the difficulty value.
If the free leg is not at horizontal position during the turn, the element will NOT receive difficulty value, and execution deduction for specific mistakes apply (leg position not horizontal -0.3)  

BUTTERFLY – Execution clarification:
Correct technique for the entry of the element must be with ½ turn on the floor before the take off During airborne phase, back arches slightly and both straight legs kick back in straddle position (alternately) passing above horizontal line.
Examples of deductions:
Deduction Reason
0.1 Uncontrolled arms/legs   
0.3 Legs not passing above horizontal line 
0.3 Body higher than horizontal line 
0.5 Wrong technique 
0.5 Not ½ turn before the take off 



TC has decided that the submissions of Difficulty Documents are basically abolished (discontinued).
In case of necessity of the Documents, it will be announced in advance to the concerned competition.