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Letter Nr 02 - August 2017 (english)

Wroclaw (POL) 22nd, July 2017
To: All Member Federations
The FIG AER-TC after the World Games competition and analysis made, wish to notify our Member Federations of the following information.

1. Naming of the new elements

New elements submitted to FIG AER TC by NF with the requirements established in the AER COP (COP pg. 20/29), may receive the name of the gymnast who performs the element with the following criteria: 
1. The element must receive a number and a value after the evaluation by the TC.
2. The element must be performed without touch or fall, by submitted gymnast at any FIG official competition (World Championships, World Games, World Cups), Continental Championships, registered FIG competitions. If FIG AER TC member is not present at the competition as part of the Jury, then it must be confirmed by video of the competition sent to FIG AER TC through FIG office, within 1 month after the competition.
3. The element should not be a variation of an existing element.
For example: Flair ½ turn to split (currently not in COP)

2. Clarifications

  • Aerobic Step (App. 7, pg 7/7)
    Add CJP Deduction: If Building (stacking) steps during the routine before the final pose -0.5
  • Compulsory elements for Age Group: 1 Turn to vertical split (AG1) and  Illusion or free Illusion to vertical split (AG2) :
    When the gymnast(s) performing compulsory element from group D in AG1 / AG2 and fail to perform the vertical split: 
    o Will receive 0.0 value in Difficulty, but no deduction for missing compulsory.
    o Execution judge will deduct -0.5 for unacceptable execution.

3. Calendar Updated

  • 8 – 9 Apr                2nd  Mediterranean Competition for juniors, Guadalajara (ESP)
  • 22 – 23 Apr            Suzuki World Cup, Tokyo (JPN)
  • 25 -28 May            International tournament Cantanhede (POR)
  • 26 -28 May            World Cup Cantanhede (POR)
  • 3- 4 June               The 12th Heathrow International 2017, Bracknell (GBR)
  • 20 – 30 July           10th the World Games 2017 Wroclaw (POL)
  • 30 July-2 Aug        ANAC International Championship 2017,Phoenix (USA)
  • 23–25 Aug             South American Championships 2017, Lima (PER)
  • 24–25 August        International Championships "COPA PERU 2017", Lima (PER)
  • 13-18 Sep              6th  Aerobic Gymnastics Asian Championships, Ulaanbaatar, (MGL)
  • 18–20 Sep             1st European AG1 Competition 2017, Ancona (ITA)
  • 22-24 Sep              10th  Aerobic Gymnastics European Championships, Ancona (ITA)
  • 21-22 Oct              8th Plovdiv Cup Aerobics Open 2017
  • 26-29 Oct              Pan American Aerobic Gymnastics Championships, Bogotá (COL)
  • 27–29 oct.             Hungarian Open 2017

4. Gymnasiade 2018 – pending FIG approval

Gymnasiade 2018 will take place from 2nd to 9th May 2018 in Marrakech (Morocco). Aerobic Gymnastics is included in the competition program: IW-IM-MP-TR-GR and Team Ranking (Age Group 2). Please contact with your national organization of the ISF (International School Federation) as all registration is not done by National Federations but from the ISF national organization. Please take note that first registration dead line is 30 September 2017.
The competition will be for AG 2 (born in 2001 until 2003)
Bulletin number 1 can be found here: