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TECHNICAL SKILL: The ability to perform movements with perfect technique in maximum precision, correct posture, body alignment and is affected by the physical capacities (active and passive flexibility, strength, amplitude, power and endurance).
-       FORM: Reflects body positions and recognizable shape. (Ex: Cossack, Tuck, L-support, Split, etc).
-       POSTURE: When referring to specific body positions.
-       ALIGNMENT: Ability to maintain correct body posture.
-       JOINT ACTION: Anatomy terms with all the following, flexion extension, abduction, adduction, rotation, circumduction, supination, pronation, horizontal flexion, outward rotation, inward rotation, elevation and depression.
-       TURN: Any rotation performed either in contact with the floor or vertical line airborne.
-       TWIST: Any rotation performed out of the vertical line.
-       JUMP: Vertical jump with takeoff and landing in the same place.
-       LEAP: A jump with a forward trajectory from take off to landing.

            PHYSICAL CAPACITIES: The ability to deliver active and passive flexibility, strength, amplitude, power and endurance.
-       STRENGTH: Muscle action (concentric, eccentric, isometric)
-       POWER: Explosive Strength for short period of time (for jumps, leaps and pliometric elements)
-       FLEXIBILITY: Active & Passive mobility in all joints.
- Ability to perform the explosive movements with height.
-Range of motion.
-       ENDURANCE: Sustained intensity throughout the routine

PERFECT EXECUTION: Ability to perform all the movements with maximum precision without errors.
ERROR: Deviation from perfect execution.
-       SMALL: Small deviation from perfect execution.
-       MEDIUM: Major deviation from perfect execution.
-       UNACCEPTABLE: Incorrect technique or combination of multiple errors.
-       TOUCH: Any part of the body contacts slightly the floor without interrupting the flow of the element.
-       FALL: To drop or come down to the floor with total loss of control.
SYNCHRONIZATION: Ability to execute all movements (AMP, Transition / Link, Difficulty / Acrobatic Elements) as a unit, with identical range of motion, start and finish at the same time and be of the same quality. This also includes arm movements; each movement pattern must be precise and