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(T.R. section 1, Art.4.3 and T.R. section 6, Art.3.4)
  1. A draw will decide the starting order of the qualification rounds and the finals. Lots will be drawn in the presence of the President of the Aerobic Gymnastics TC or a nominated Aerobic Gymnastics TC member.
  2. The drawing of lots will take place within two weeks after the deadline of the definitive entry
  3. The federations will be informed by the Secretary General at least one month beforehand of the time and place of the drawing of lots and they will be entitled to be present at the draw.
  4. The media will be informed and allowed to send representatives and the local authority, in whose area the draw will be held, will be invited to send representatives.
  5. The lots shall be drawn by a “neutral” person or by computer.
  6. The draw will decide the order in which the lot for each team or gymnast will be drawn and determine the order in which the team or gymnast will start to compete in the competition
  7. “10 minutes rules”
For the health and safety of gymnasts, FIG has accepted that gymnasts competing in multiple qualification/finals require 10 minutes to recover before competing again. This recovery period has been translated to equal to 4 competition performances. (See T. R. section 1, Art.4.3.6)
The draw will be adjusted according to this principle. If a gymnast or group competes 7th in one rotation and are drawn in positions 1-3 in the next rotation the new starting position will become 4th. If a gymnast or group competes last in a rotation and are drawn in positions 1-4 in the next rotation the new starting position will be 5th.
The Superior Jury President, if necessary, will make this adjustment, and once the qualifying gymnasts are determined, the scoring provider will produce an adjusted draw and start list. This principle applies for all following rotations and also during other final competitions as well as for World Games (qualifications).