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Judges must maintain a close involvement with Aerobic Gymnastics and constantly extend their practical knowledge.  The basic requirements for their activities are:
  1. An excellent knowledge of the FIG Code of Points
  2. An excellent knowledge of the FIG Technical Regulations (FIG T.R.)
  3. An excellent knowledge of new difficulty elements
The requirements for judging at official FIG competitions are:
  1. To be in possession of a valid FIG Brevet of the current cycle
  2. To have judged successfully at national competitions, at competitions between countries and at international invitational competitions.
  3. To be listed in the FIG World List of judges
  4. To have an excellent knowledge of Aerobic Gymnastics and to demonstrate sound unbiased judging.
  5. Any judge who is a close family relative (see FIG Code of Ethics Art 2.) to a competitive gymnast may not judge that gymnast or his/her unit (pair, group, etc) and so may not judge that category.
All members of the judging panel are obliged to:
  1. Attend all meetings, briefings and debriefings
  2. Be present at the competition area at the designated time according to the schedule
During the competition each judge is requested:
  1. Not to leave the assigned seat
  2. Not to have contact with other persons
  3. Not to engage in discussions with coaches, competitors and other judges
  4. To wear the prescribed competition-uniform (Professional Attire) except at other competitions where the uniform is supplied by the Organising Committee.
    - (Women: dark blue suit - skirt or trousers and white blouse)
    - (Men: dark blue suit or jacket with trousers and white shirt with tie)


The Superior Jury is responsible for controlling the work of all judges and the Chair of Judges Panel according to the rules and to guarantee a correct publication of the final scores. It registers the deviations of the judges' scores.
If there are repeated deviations, the Superior Jury has the right to warn or replace a judge with reserved judge.
Violations of instructions from the Superior Jury, the Chair of Judges Panel and the Code may result in sanctions, as declared by the President of the FIG Aerobic Gymnastics Committee.

Violation of the Code include: (see also the Appendix to the CoP)
  1. Intentional violation of the Code
  2. Intentionally giving an advantage or disadvantage to one or several competitors
  3. Not adhering to the instructions given by the Aerobic Gymnastics Committee, the Superior Jury or the Chair of Judges Panel
  4. Repeatedly giving scores that are too high or too low
  5. Not adhering to the instructions for an orderly and disciplined competition
  6. Not participating in the judge’s meetings
  7. Improper attire
The Superior Jury or the Chair of Judges’ Panel can declare the following sanctions:
  1. Verbal or written warning
  2. Exclusion from the respective competition
The Disciplinary Commission can declare the following sanctions:
  1. Expulsion as a judge from international competitions for a set period of time
  2. Lowering the category of brevet
  3. Withdrawal of the brevet
  4. Not accepting judges from an involved federation for a set period of time (see FIG Judges’ rules)