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TECHNICAL SKILL : All movements, including elements, performed with correct posture and correct body alignment (neutral alignment without hyperextension of joints).

FORM : Body positions

POSTURE : When referring to specific body positions.

ALIGNMENT : Ability to maintain correct body posture

ARM MOVEMENTS : All arm movements must be controlled, precise and smooth.

JOINT ACTION : Flexion extension, abduction, adduction, rotation, circumduction, supination, pronation, horizontal flexion, outward rotation, inward rotation, elevation and depression.

TURN : Any rotation performed either in contact with the floor or vertical line airborne.

TWIST : Any rotation performed out of the vertical line. JUMP: Vertical jump with take off and landing in the same place.

LEAP : It is a jump with a forward trajectory from take off to landing.

STRENGTH : Muscle action (concentric, eccentric, isometric)

POWER : Explosive Strength for short period of time (for jumps, leaps and pliometric elements)

AMPLITUDE : Ability to perform the explosive movements with height.

FLEXIBILITY : Active & Passive mobility in all joints

ENDURANCE : Sustained intensity throughout the routine

PERFECT EXECUTION : Ability to perform all the movements without errors.

ERROR : Deviation from perfect execution.
Small: Small deviation from perfect execution.
Medium: Significant deviation from perfect execution.
Large: Major deviation from perfect execution.

UNACCEPTABLE EXECUTION : When no requirements have been met for execution.

FALL : Where one or more parts of the body (aside from the perfect execution) touch the floor with a lack of control (e.g. in 1 arm push-up, chest and/or one knee touches the floor or in L-support, a heel and/or a buttock touches the floor).

SYNCHRONIZATION : Ability to execute all movements as a unit, whether it is a pair, trio or group, with identical range of motion, start and finish at the same time and be of the same quality. This also includes arm movements; each movement pattern must be precise and identical.