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AER NL 22 - March 09 (English)

By Mr Mireille GANZIN, President of the Technical Committee
FIG Office Lausanne (SUI), 10.03.2009

The FIG AER-TC wish to notify our Member Federations of the following amendments made to the COP in order to clarify some points.


This Amended COP (version February 2009) will be available in the FIG Website for download from March 17, 2009.  

“Balance turns elements” and “1/1 turn on free vertical split” have been upgraded by 0.1 point. New elements have been included in the last version of the COP.  

All Technical amendments will be valid from 2nd of March 2009. 
Only “Dress Code” amendment will be valid from 1st of May 2009.
English grammar corrected in all of COP & Appendix 1. Please download.


- Page 26: Scoring- 2nd bullet… The score is therefore given in three decimals
- Pages 28 and 29: all paragraphs on musicality deductions from chair have been deleted, 
- Page 31: scoring examples: new example with 1.9 difficulty coefficient 
- Page 19: A178.2 PLIO PUSH UP ½ TWIST AIRBORNE COSSACK (OR PIKE OR STRADDLE ) ½ TWIST TO PUSH UP (add Straddle : title & shorthand)

Appendix 2: 
- Page 3: reorganisation of the definitions
- Page 10: drawing for lack of amplitude has been deleted 
- Page 28: FLAIR: The starting position must be from FREE front support on both hands (add FREE)
- Page 38: deduction for straddle position, (except Levers and Planche): add Planche in bracket

Appendix 3: 
- Page 5, A18.1: PLIO PU 1/1 TWIST TO 1 ARM PU add OR TO WENSON
- Page 47: C 566 & C 567: correct place on the COP


COP: Dress Code: Page 16 of 32  Men’s Attire: SEQUINS for Men’s Attire are not allowed (Incorrect Attire: -0.2). 
Valid from 1st of May 2009.

Execution: Specific Errors for Execution: Page 71 of 82 
- All jumps landing in 1 or 2 feet, touching the floor with any body part (hand(s), knee(s)) other than feet or foot will be considered as a FALL: deduction of -0.5. Page 82 of 82: Add  

- For Illusion and turns to vertical split, the foot is off the floor in the vertical split position.  Deduction of -0.5.

Difficulty – Minimum Requirements: Page 82 of 82
Illusion Family: Add bullet 
The elements must be performed without extra turn (90° or more).

Elements in Vertical Split Position: Add · The foot of the supported leg in the vertical split position, must stay in contact with the floor. 

Reminder:  If in a free support illusion, the competitor touches his/her supporting foot or leg during the illusion, this will be considered as “Illusion”.


AER NL 22 - March 09 (English)
Following New Elements have been approved by Aerobic Gymnastics TC

Mireille Ganzin, AER-TC President
Tammy Yagi-Kitagawa, AER-TC Secretary