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All movements must be performed with maximum precision without errors.

A. Function

The E- Judges evaluates the Technical Skills of
A.      Elements (Difficulty & Acrobatic)
B.      AMP
C.      Transition & Linking
D.      Lift
E.      Partnership & Collaboration
F.      Synchronization

B. Technical Skill

The ability to perform movements with perfect technique in maximum precision, correct form, posture, body alignment and is affected by the physical capacities (active and passive flexibility, strength, amplitude, power and muscular endurance).

 Form, Posture and Alignment
Form reflects body positions and recognizable shape.
(Ex: Cossack, Tuck, L-support, Split, Knee Lift, Jumping Jack, etc).
Posture and Alignment reflects the way of holding the body attitude with correct positions of:
  • Torso, lower back, pelvis and contraction of the abdominal muscles.
  • Uppper body, carriage of the neck, shoulders and head relative to the spine.
  • Feet relative to the ankles, knees and hip joint.
  • Each movement has a clear start and finish position.
  • Each phase of the movement has to demonstrate perfect control.
  • Proper balance must be shown in difficulty elements, transitions, take-off, landings and aerobic movement patterns.

C. Criteria and Deductions

  • Small error (0.1 pt.): a small deviation from perfect execution.
  • Medium error (0.3 pt.): a major deviation from perfect execution
  • Unacceptable execution (0.5 pt.): Wrong technique or combination of multiple errors,, etc.
  • Fall (1.0 pt.): To drop or come down to the floor with total loss of control.
C.1. Difficulty Elements / Acrobatic elements
-    Execution of difficulty / acrobatic element is to assess the Technical Skill of the elements performed. (See Appendix II)
Maximum deductions for an element:  -0.5
C.2. Choreography
- The ability to demonstrate movements with maximum precision while performing AMP, Transitions & Links, Lift, Partnership & Collaboration.
Deductions for Choreography Small Medium Fall
AMP (each unit) 0.1 0.3 1.0
Transitions & Links (each time) 0.1 0.3 1.0
Lift 0.1 0.3 1.0
Partnership & Collaboration 0.1 0.3 1.0

C.3.Synchronization (MP,TR,GR):

- Synchronization is the ability to execute all movements as a unit (between the members), whether it is a MP, TR or GR, with identical range of motion, start and finish at the same time and be of the same quality. This also includes arm movements; each movement pattern must be precise and identical.
Deductions for Synchronization
Each time 0.1 point
Whole routine (MP,TR,GR) Maximum  -2.0


Execution is scored according to negative judging starting from 10.0 points, and subtracting for each deviation from the perfect execution deductions based on the criteria of 4 levels of errors.
(Small - 0.1; Medium - 0.3; Unacceptable- 0.5; Fall -1.0 )