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A. Requirements:

  • All the components of the choreography must fit perfectly together in order to transform a sport exercise into an artistic performance, with creative and unique characteristics by respecting the specificity of Aerobic Gymnastics.
  • For Mixed Pairs, Trios and Groups, one lift is required in the routine. 

B. Choreography:

  • Composition (complex & original):
    1.          Music and Musicality
    2.          Aerobic Content
    3.          General Content
    4.          Use of the Space
  • Performance:
    5.          Artistry

C. Function

The A- judge evaluates the CHOREOGRAPHY (Total 10 points) of the routine based on the criteria. Each criteria is scored according to the following:
                                              Excellent           2.0
                                               Very Good       1.8 – 1.9
                                               Good               1.6 – 1.7
                                               Satisfactory     1.4 – 1.5
                                               Poor                 1.2 – 1.3
                                               Unacceptable  1.0 – 1.1

D. Criteria:

1. Music and Musicality (Max. 2 Points)

The selection and use of the music becomes essential aspect of the routine.
  1. Selection and composition
  2. Usage (Musicality)
A good musical selection will help establish the structure and tempo, as well as the theme of the exercise. It will support and highlight the performance. It must also be used to inspire the overall choreography and contribute to the style and quality of execution, as well as to the expression of the gymnasts.
Music should be adapted for Aerobic Gymnastics. There must be a strong cohesion between the overall performance and the choice of music.
The performer(s) have to interpret the music and demonstrate not only its rhythm and speed and stay in time with beats / phrases (TIMING), but its flow, shape, intensity and passion within his/her or their physical performance.

2. Aerobic Content (Max. 2 Points)

Perform recognizable AMP sequences throughout the routine.  AMP is the identity of Aerobic Gymnastics and is also one of the most important aspects of the composition of routines, providing the use of the 7 basic steps together with arms in balanced way, with high level of body coordination and should be performed with good technique and quality
  1. Amount of AMP
  2. Complexity / Variety

3. General Content (Max. 2 Points)

General content includes: Transitions, Links, Lift Physical Interactions; Collaborations. All these movements should enhance the routine, and should be performed with good technique and quality, and without unnecesary pauses.
3.1       Complexity / Variety
3.2       Fluidity

4. Use of the Space (Max. 2 Points)

Under these criteria A- judges evaluate the effective use of the competition area, placement and distribution of the movements in the routine, and the formations (positioning, formation changes and distances) for MP/TR/GR. The routine should be well balanced in all areas.
4.1       Use of the competition area (formations)
4.2       Distribution of the routine components

5. Artistry (Max. 2 Points)

5.1       Quality of the performance
5.2       Originality/Creativity/Expression
Artistry is the ability of the gymnast(s) to transform the composition from a well-structured routine into an artistic performance to express themselves with high quality level of movements respecting their gender (male, female, age group).
They must combine the elements of the art and the sport into one attractive message towards the audience, in sport manner.
Unique/memorable routines include details to enhance the quality of the routine, through expression, the ability to transform movements, both gymnastic elements and choreography, into a singular artistic whole.
For MP, TR and GR: The competitors must demonstrate that they are a team as a unit and therefore show the advantages of being more than one person.  This includes the working relationship between the members.