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In keeping with the directives of the Executive Committee to establish a uniformity among the FIG disciplines, the following symbols were created. Whenever possible, the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics symbols are used. The principles of the shorthand system are similar to this gymnastics discipline and allow the unique elements of Aerobic Gymnastics to be recorded.

It is with this in mind, that the Aerobics Commission has designed this first official shorthand for Aerobic Gymnastics. This system has been created and used over five years of Sports Aerobics International and National events. As announced and minuted at the Technical Symposium in Venice in March 1998 the system was already used at International Judges courses and beginning with the Intercontinental Judges Course in January 2001. The knowledge of these symbols will be tested as part of the exam to obtain the FIG Aerobic gymnastics Judge brevet for the new cycle 2005-2008.

As the sport continues to develop and the creation of new elements are added to this dynamic sport, the conventions in place in this short hand system will allow for consistency in the area of recording the routine.

The Aerobic Gymnastics Committee looks forward to seeing Aerobic Gymnastics take its place among the well established disciplines, and progress to the level of high performance that has been demonstrated over the past one hundred years in Gymnastics.

The Aerobic Gymnastics Committee appreciates the assistance and feedback of many colleagues in producing this document.

FIG Aerobic Gymnastics Committee
John Atkinson President