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5. Artistry -. Max. 2 Points (2017)

Artistry is the ability of the gymnast(s) to transform the composition from a well-structured routine into an artistic performance. Gymnasts must, therefore, demonstrate Musicality, Expression and Partnership in addition to the impeccable execution.
They must combine the elements of the art and the sport into one attractive message towards the audience, in sport manner.
Unique/memorable routines include details to enhance the quality of the routine.
All the components of the choreography must fit perfectly together in order to transform a sport exercise into an artistic performance, with creative and unique characteristics by respecting the specificity of Aerobic Gymnastics.
Originality / Creativity of the routines, including not only the theme of the exercise according to the music selected but also the innovation and uniqueness in other movements (lift, partnerships, transitions, etc.) performing with natural and genuine expression.
5.1. Quality of the performance
5.2. Originality/Creativity and expression

5.1. Quality of the performance

  • The quality (mastery/perfection) of the routine is essential, not only by showing high degree of perfect execution in all difficulty and acrobatic elements, but also in choreography movements (AMP, Transition-linking, Lifts, partnerships, etc.), with the correct technique of all movements.
    Competitor(s) must give a clean athletic impression with high quality movements (clear and sharp), appropriate for an Aerobic Gymnastics.
    The whole routine is performed with impression of lightness and smoothly, with high degree of perfection and virtuosity.
    The AMP are performed with high degree of perfection and with correct technique.  The AMP sequences must be used to enhance the performance and respect the nature of the aerobic gymnastics discipline, in sport manner, respecting the gender of the competitor(s).
    AMP movements should be precise, elegant, neat, smooth and graceful.  The General Content is performed also with high degree of perfection and with correct technique.

5.2. Originality/Creativity and expression:

  • The routine should be like a small piece of art, which should leave something memorable, a story or an impression, created with the means of Aerobic Gymnastics.  Creative routines are when all the routine components match perfectly with the music and the theme of the exercise in sport manner, making captivating and impressed the audience.
    Presentation of new, creative and original movements (collaborations, transitions, etc).  All other movements included in the General Content should have a reason to be included; meaningful movements.
    Feminine arm and upper body movements and masculine arm and body movements must be distinctive, especially with the use of different actions of the hands and wrist.  The competitors must demonstrate that they are a team as a unit and therefore show the advantages of being more than one person. This includes the working relationship between the members.
    When men and women are together in the same team (MP, TR, GR), it is recommended to use neutral movements, however it will be possible to make different movements on purpose in the choreography for the men and the women in some parts of the routine without losing the synchronisation mistake.
    How a gymnast or group of gymnasts generally present themselves to the jury and the public.  Attitude and range of emotion that is expressed not only on the faces, but in the bodies of the gymnasts.  The ability to control/manage expression during the performance of the most difficult or complex movements, also through expression, transform movements, both gymnastic elements and choreography, into a singular artistic whole is necessary.


5.1. Quality of the performance
  • Impressive routines and perfection
  • Memorable routines
-        The movements are so indistinct that there is no clear impression of sharpness
-        There is no athletic impression that is appropriate for an Aerobic Gymnastics competition
-        Tedious routines
-        The movements are vague or look to have been forgotten, making the audience uneasy
  • 1 TOUCH (execution deduction 0.5) Artistry maximum 1.5 pt; 2 TOUCHES  or more maximum 1.3 pt
  • 1 FALL (execution deduction -1.0) Artistry maximum 1.3 pt; 2 FALLS or more maximum 1.1 pt
5.2. Originality/Creativity and Expression:
  • Routine like small piece of art in sport manner
  • Relationships between partners
  • Touch the audience
  • Presentation
  • Attitude
  • Emotions
  • Singularity
-        Impersonal presentation
-        There is no commitment to the performance, lack of passion and energy. Many movements are unimportant and lack the spirit of showing  off the performance to the audience
-        Concentration is lacking and an uneven flow is created in the performance
-        Performing with unnatural facial expressions and/ or over stated exaggerated facial expressions (unacceptable 1.0 point)
-        Loss of confidence during the routine and a nervous expression appears
-        The performance is not adapted at the individual characteristics and category.
-        For MP/TR/GR, perform like individuals not showing the advantages of the team work
-        Not showing the ability to play a role or a character, a style throughout the performance and in conjunction with other partners



2.0 pt
The routine includes/shows an outstanding, level of the criteria
Very Good
1.8 – 1.9 pt
The routine includes/shows high level of the criteria
1.6 – 1.7 pt
The routine includes/shows good level of the criteria
1.4 – 1.5 pt
The routine includes/shows average level of the criteria
1.2 – 1.3 pt
The routine includes/shows low level of the criteria
1.0 – 1.1 pt
The routine includes/shows an unacceptable level of the criteria