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Extraordinary circumstances are described as follows:
  • Incorrect music is cued.
  • Music problems due to the malfunction of the equipment.
  • Disturbances caused by general equipment failure - lighting, stage, venue.
  • The introduction of any foreign object into the performance area by an individual or means other than by the competitor.
  • Extraordinary circumstances causing a walk-over out of the competitors control.
It is the responsibility of the competitor to stop the routine immediately if an extraordinary circumstance as mentioned above arises. A protest after the completion of a routine will not be accepted.

Upon the decision of the Chair of Judges Panel, the competitor may restart the routine after the problem has been corrected. Any scores previously given will be disregarded.
Where situations not stated above may arise, they will be resolved by a review of the circumstances by the Superior Jury. The decision of the Superior Jury is final.