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Deductions given by the Chair of Judges Panel are made as follows:

Document sans nom
Presentation fault 0.2 point
Attire  0.2 point each time
Missing national emblem 0,3 point
Interruption of performance (by all competitors) for 2-10 sec 0.5 point each time
Time infraction 0.2 point
Time fault 0.5 point
Failure to appear on the competition area within 20 seconds 0.5 point
More than one lift 0.5 point each time
Prohibited lift 0.5 point each time
More than 2 acrobatic elements performed in combination 0.5 point each time
More than 3 acrobatic combinations (sets) in the whole routine 0.5 point each time
A standing lift higher than 2 standing persons 0.5 point each time
Themes in contravention of the Olympic Charter and the Code of Ethics 2.0 points
Stop of performance 2.0 points
Presence in prohibited area, improper behavior / manners warning
National tracksuit not being worn (see TR 2009 Art.10.4) warning
Competition attire not being worn at medal award ceremony (see TR 2012, Art.10.4) warning
Walk-over / Serious breaches of the FIG Statues, TR and COP disqualification