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The competitors dress must demonstrate that it subscribes to the sport profile of a Gymnastics discipline. Theatrical, musichall and circus dress is not allowed.

A. PROFILE (-0.2 each time for different criteria. Incorrect attire)

A neat and proper athletic appearance should be the overall impression.

1. Hair must be secured close to the head.
2. The competitors must wear white aerobics shoes and white socks that must be able to be seen by all judges.
3. Make-up must be only for women and used sparingly.
4. Loose items and additions to the attire are not allowed.
5. Skin colour taping is allowed.
6. Jewellery must not be worn.
7. Costume fails to stay in place during a performance
8. Undergarments must not be shown.
9. National Identification or Emblem must be worn (See T.R.).

B. ATTIRE (- 2.0. Wrong attire)

1. Correct aerobics attire must be in non-transparent material
2. Attire for women may be with or without long sleeves (1 or 2 sleeves). Long sleeves end at the wrist.
3. Leotards/unitards must be designed in accordance with the written introduction 2.3.
4. Attire for men: only the examples shown under “Men’s attire” are allowed.
5. Attire depicting war, violence or religious themes is forbidden.
6. Body paint is not allowed.


Women must wear a one piece leotard with flesh coloured or transparent tights or a unitard (one piece leotard with full length legs-hip to ankle).

The neckline of the front and back of the leotard/unitard must be proper (no further than half of the sternum for the front and no further than the lower line of the shoulder blades for the back).

The cut of the leotard at the top of the legs must not go higher than the waist and the outside seam must pass through the crest of ilium. The leotard must cover the crotch completely.
Examples for WOMEN
Examples for WOMEN

The examples shown “a to c” represent the same front and back of the leotard. The example “d” is the same leotard showing the front and the back.


- Men must wear a unitard or shorts and a form fitting top or leotard.
- The attire must not have an open cut at the front or back.
- The armhole must not be cut below shoulder blades (scapular)
- u[SEQUINS for Men’s Attire are not allowed (Incorrect Attire) ]u
Acceptable attire for MEN
Acceptable attire for MEN

The examples shown “ e to h ” represent the same front and back of the leotard.

C. UNIFORM (Warning)

At the Opening and Closing Ceremony all competitors must wear their country’s official national tracksuit

Competition attire is required for medal award Ceremonies.

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